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A Man Looking at his Tablet Device

Crest Speech Pathology understands the busyness of  family and work life. To support family needs, availability and preference of service delivery we offer Teletherapy via the virtual platform, Zoom. Teletherapy allows us to support clients with limited time capabilities or are located where services may be limited or inaccessible. 


The virtual platform Zoom can be accessed by either a computer, phone or tablet and through a provided internet link. Teletherapy is similar to face-to-face therapy, however, resources and activities are slightly adapted for virtual use. Any printable resources can be emailed or posted to families prior to the session, as required.  


Teletherapy is also available for consultations and skill building with families and educators and collaborative meetings with key stakeholders.  


To find out more about our Teletherapy service delivery model contact us via phone or email.

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