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Workshops & Training Seminars


Crest Speech Pathology facilitates various workshops and training seminars aimed at parents/carers and educators. Each workshop or seminar takes place at a different location to maximise the opportunity for all interested participants to attend.  The locations are generally throughout Sydney's South East or Inner West Regions and are held in a group setting. 

Individual businesses or organisations can request customised workshops/seminars for their employees. Please contact Crest Speech Pathology via phone or email to discuss further. 

Current workshops include:

  • Strategies to develop communication skills in children aged 1-5 years old (customised ages). 

  • How to support communication development within the preschool/classroom setting. 

  • Strategies to develop social skills in children.

  • Functional strategies to support children with additional needs in the classroom or preschool setting. 


The event details for upcoming 2024 workshops and training seminars will be added to this page. 

Workshop Testimonials 

‘You are so good a what you do. Your confidence and ability to deliver your content at such a level that is understood by everyone is incredible and very practical'.  

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