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Crest Speech Pathology provides services to children from 12 months - 18 years of age, including: 


  • Standardised speech pathology and occupational therapy assessments. 

  • Dynamic assessment (assessment through data collection, observation and case discussion).

  • Assessment screening to determine intervention and service needs. 

  • Parent education sessions. 

  • Childcare speech and language or occupational screening evaluations. 

  • Consultative recommendations. 


  • Receptive and expressive language development (understanding and use of language). 

  • Speech development (fluency, articulation). 

  • Literacy (reading, spelling and writing). 

  • Fine and gross motor. 

  • Visual perception. 

  • Proprioception and interoception. 

  • Self-care skills. 

  • Handwriting. 

  • Play and social skills. 

  • Phonological awareness (understanding sound and word structures).

  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC).

  • Early intervention for children with additional needs. Implementation of evidence-based strategies and support for children with additional needs or diagnosed disability. 


Crest Speech Pathology understands the busyness of family and work-life and offers Teletherapy service delivery as a flexible option for families.


Workshops & Training Seminars:
Crest Speech Pathology facilitates various workshops and training seminars for parents/carers and educators. To find out more head to our events page or contact us. 

Supervision for external Speech 
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